I know what it feels like to be let down… disappointed…  feel not good enough. To feel like life was not turning out the way you'd hoped…! I know what it’s like to make the best of things, to find some way to love life, even when it completely sucks (when you’re honest!). I had to make a lot of changes on my journey to becoming a Women’s Transformation coach but it wasn't easy..trying to manifest the life and business I wanted but still having doubts that I would ever achieve anything I desired. Constantly beating myself up because I wasn't smart enough, disciplined enough, focused enough....Something had to change! I had to start at the beginning and sort all the negative limiting beliefs before I felt I could move on.


I’ve never been afraid to dream big… 


I moved to London when I was 19. I worked for a global business to business publishing house. Then I moved to one of the most famous consumer magazine publishing houses in London, just off Carnaby Street, and I LOVED it. I had a great job, great social life and some amazing friends. I changed jobs a few times, working in TV for a few years, before going traveling then taking a position as the sales manager for a luxury health club chain. I bought a house with my partner and life seemed set. 


Then… 6 months after the birth of my son everything changed 


I left that relationship, my house, my job and all of my friends. I found myself on my parent's doorstep, miserable, with my baby boy and my life in 13 bin liners. Time to start again.

I was a 30-year-old a single mum with no job, no money and no idea what I was going to do. 


I knew I didn’t want to go back to office work and leave someone else to bring up my son, so I decided to re-train as a hairdresser. It was flexible, part-time, and I enjoyed making people feel good about themselves. I got a job as a junior in a great local salon and worked my way up. 5 years later I’d met my husband, I was pregnant with our second son and everything was "fine" but money was always tight. We just got by. 


Then my quarter life crisis hit…. this cannot be it!?!?


I was happy but something was definitely missing! I had such big dreams! Then, one day a card dropped through my door about some health and wellness products, asking if I would like to earn an extra income from home. I was skeptical but the short version is - I said yes! I’d never run a business of my own before, apart from my hairdressing business - I didn't have a clue what I was doing! I lacked commitment, discipline, focus, consistency and all the other things I was told were necessary to be successful. One thing I did have was a vision. 


I had a vision of what life could be like if I figured out how to be successful!


Well, I did it! Within the first 16 months of my business, I’d gone from £350 per month to over £6000 – going on to turnover more than £1.5 million. My life changed dramatically - but the best thing about it is that I changed. How I felt, how I thought about everything and – above all - my belief in myself soared to new levels! 


It all came down to me… 


I developed a life-altering passion for personal development and the law of attraction. Where I use to watch TV, I switched to reading books, watching TED talks, listening to audios, going to seminars and events and anything I could do to develop a better understanding of how and why we behave the way we do. Not just for my own benefit, but for my team too. 


I loved the fact I got to help other women with their fears, limiting beliefs, confidence and - most of all - helping them get to grips with who they are and who they have to BECOME to achieve their dreams. Yet there was a limit to what I could achieve as a business mentor. This frustration put me on the path to creating change in others on an unconscious level. I decided to do my certifications in NLP & Timeline Therapy and it changed my life! 


Becoming a Certified Ultimate Life Coach with the incredible Your Life, live it, group it made me capable of creating change for my clients and team so much more easily! 


After years of working as a business mentor and coach, once I witnessed the power of NLP to transform people’s behavior on an unconscious level, with such instant and powerful results - I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those skills! When you apply the science of neuro-linguistic transformation to the supportive coaching process, there’s really nothing we’re incapable of! 


The one thing that stood out from everyone I worked with was that they just didn't know how to love themselves fully. They weren't brave enough to really just be themselves. Self-love and self-worth became key to my coaching and the results were amazing. I'd read 'The secret' 12 years ago and I had dipped in and out of using the law of attraction but not with any real tangible results. I was introduced to a law of attraction coach and she recommended a book for me to read. The book was 'Ask and it is given" it blew my mind! I started to practice the tools daily and suddenly my life started to flow like never before...Once I fully understood the principles I came to two conclusions 


1 - In order to manifest and really take full advantage of the law of attraction you have to believe that you are worth it.

2 - In order to achieve that then you have to have dealt with and moved on from the shit from your past! 


My TRULY - MADLY -DEEPLY concept was born. 


TRULY sort you sh*t out once and for all!

Fall MADLY in love with yourself 

Then attract and manifest the life, business, relationship you DEEPLY desire and damn well deserve.


If you are building a business there is always a step by step process to guide you but what about your personal development? I guide you through that journey to shorten that learning curve with love, empathy and a sense of humour. You can't love yourself if you still have the demons of the past hanging around. You can't manifest your desires if you don't think you're worthy of them.



If you are ready to up your game and step into the heels of the truest version of you, contact me for a free discovery call today.

 "But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with YOURSELF and if you can find someone to love the

you, you love, well that's just FABULOUS."

Carrie Bradshaw





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