It all started with Sex and the City!!

It all started in my 20's! Like many women my age (approaching the big 40) I was obsessed with Sex and the City! The thought provoking writings of Carrie Bradshaw always sparked lengthy discussions with my best friend and flat mate about life, love, men and our careers. So fast forward 20 years, I've had relationship break-ups, had the life of a single parent, started life again after thinking I was set for life, fell in love, got married, had children, built a business. Had massive success and massive failure and today I find myself here, helping others navigate there way through their own Life, love and business. I was sat at my kitchen table trying to think of a way to articulate my message. What was I about? How did I want to help the women I am blessed enough to work with......My phone rang, I looked down and there was my answer. The phone case was purchased after a friend had tagged me on the shop on FB. There is was right under my nose!

Dress Like Carrie, Work like Miranda, Play like Samantha, Love like Charlotte!

It dawned on me that this was what I was about, now I am not so shallow that its all about how you dress but look a little deeper and its all there.

Dress like Carrie - Your self worth, how you show up to the world, how you feel about yourself? The way you talk to yourself. Basically your self esteem.

Work Like Miranda... Your work ethic, productivity (or lack of) your goals, creativity!

Play like Samantha - How much fun are you having? What brings you joy, Your work/life balance (yes it does exist if you choose it)

Love like Charlotte - Your relationships, with yourself, your children, partner, family & Friends.

These are the 4 pillars of a great life! Do you agree? So this is what I do. I help people work towards success in all areas. We are only here once! Lets get it right! xx

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