So she asked me...."Who are you?"

Over the last 10 years I have invested hours & hours and thousands of pounds into my own development. Courses, books, audios, mentors & coaches. Now the great thing about a book or audio is it while it will ask you questions in the writing, your not required to answer unless you choose to. Well when your coach asks "Who are you" and asks you to write it down suddenly I didn't know where to start. My face said "Yes no problem" but my inner Rhianna did this (see GIF)

So there I sat ready to type, then I made a cup of tea....fed the get the drift. I had a block. How do you define and articulate who you are? So I did what I always do when I don't know where to start I did a good old school brainstorm!! Some of the things I came up with were, what do I believe? What do I fear? What do I really want? What drives me? This was all good stuff but its not a starting point, then I remembered an exercise I did on a course I did called 'Just be me" as part of my coaching training with 'Your life live it' about VALUES!

My values are Happiness, Trust, integrity, Love, Passion, Faith.

How did I get to this list. Well thats what I want to share with you today. Inside my private Life, Love & Business FB page is exact exercise I did. I will be going LIVE on Tuesday 30th Jan 12.30pm to show you how.

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Why is it important? It effects how you work, love & live. A perfect example is if you are in a relationship with someone and your number 1 value is trust and then they are unfaithful to you. Your number 1 value hasn't been met. End of relationship or you stay and because you have ignored it. Your self esteem drops. Your best friends are your best friends because you probably have the same values. If your at work and your new boss has a different set of values to you soon enough you will start to hate work and them because who you are at your core is in conflict with this other person.

It's the first question you need to ask if you are interested in who you are, and if you are reading this then i'm assuming that your curious. We hear the phrase "Be authentic" or "be true to you" all the time...your values are at the heart of this. We are happiest when we are in alignment with who we truly are. Start with knowing your values and start to notice when they are supported and how good it feels and if someone pisses you off ask 'which of my values are not being met' this will also help you be less reactive in a negative situation. A persons values shape there view of the world and everyones view of the world is different.

You could send a set of twins into the same party and depending on there view of the world they could walk out and share two totally different experiences.

This knowledge allows you to gain perspective, know yourself and feel happier. So my gift's to you today are 1) The step by step process to find out what your top 5 personal values are and also a 'WHO ARE YOU" questionnaire. 10 questions to help your awareness. Enjoy!!

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