3 steps to get you through the bad times (that don't include wine)

So 2017 seemed to be pretty rough for many people all over the world. There I was thinking it was just me, but almost everyone I have spoken to since new year both here and across the pond all say the same thing. "Not sorry to say good bye to that year"

What were your challenges? You may not have had any and if you didn't that's amazing but if you did then today I am here to help.

When dealing with bad times whether it be financial, emotional, relationships, career you ultimately have 2 choices. Sit in your s*it, make it mean far more than it does, get drunk and wallow in a huge pitty party OR you can follow my 3 steps and gain clarity, control and most of all PERSPECTIVE! So let dive in!

STEP 1 - Mentally step out of the situation, look at it as if you are watching a cinema screen and see it AS it is, not WORSE than it is. Look at the FACTS not the story that sits behind them. Ask yourself "What CAN I do something about and what can I NOT change.

STEP 2 - Write down at least 3 FUTURE POSITIVE scenarios when its over. You are great, pain over, wiser, and through it. So my point is whats great about the future when this is over. Even if your pain is relationship based. It may be difficult to see a life past the relationship but ask yourself "If I could imagine my future without this person in a positive light what would I see?"

Then spend 10 mins a day. Eyes closed and LIVE those scenarios. What can you see, hear, feel?

STEP 3 - What is going GREAT now? No matter how bad the situation there is something great in your life right now. That may be as simple as you are taking a breath and you are alive! You get more of what you focus on. Write done 3 things everyday you are grateful for. Gratitude is a practice, not just and an attitude.

The biggest mistake I see my clients & team members make (and I recognise it as I have made it myself) is that we are so focused on NOW that we forget to see past the situation. Have you got through tough times before? Did you survive? Did you learn from it? Did it make you a better person? What stories are you making up in your head about the situation that just are not true?

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With love & Gratitude

Charlotte xx



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