What's your Love Strategy?

Have you ever felt neglected, or unfulfilled in a relationship? I know I have, that feeling when all you need to feel loved and appreciated is a few special words and they just don't come. Has you partner ever moaned that they are feeling the same way and you just don't get it?? You say "I tell you I love you all the time...."

We all have a personal strategy for love, we also have a buying strategy (but thats not relevant today) Knowing and communicating what you need to feel loved and appreciated and more importantly knowing what your partners strategy is is one step closer to a harmonious, happy, fulfilled relationship. Answer the following question with what feels right for you. Then ask your partner the same question and be prepared to maybe be surprised by the answer:

1) How do you know that someone else loves you?

2) In order to know that you are totally loved, is it necessary for you to be taken places and bought things or to be looked at with that special look? Or that you hear that special tone of voice or those special words? Or is it necessary that you are touched in a certain way or a place? (easy now)

What was your answer? This seems like such a simple thing but you can see if two people in a intimate relationship have different strategies and they are not communicated how this can start to cause problems. This is why communication is so important for a thriving relationship.

For example. I have to be touched (don't start) I am a very tactile person and nothing makes me feel more loved than a spontaneous....... cuddle!

My husband likes to be taken places and bought stuff!!........ Yes I did that face too!

So if we didn't know this about each other because he doesn't need to be touched to feel loved he may assume that I don't need that either leaving me feeling unloved and neglected and if I didn't know that he's shallow (coughing........) I mean likes to be taken places and bought stuff then I would never say "come on lets go for lunch" or bring him a little personal gift if i've been away.

All joking aside, this option doesn't mean you or they are shallow, it means they like to be thought of and they like to feel you want to be with them (that's his story and he's sticking to it)

Id love to hear your stories on this and were you surprised by your partners answer?


Love Charlotte xx



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