How to change your bad 'thought' habits?

We all know our bad habits, we maybe go to bed to late, always have to have 2 biscuits with our cup of tea (guilty) have to polish off the bottle of wine.....but did you know you may have bad 'thought' habits too.

Our brains are constantly being shaped by our experience. Most of us behave and think very differently than we did 20 years ago (and we all know people that don't) this is whats called 'Neuroplasticity'. Changes in our brain structure, how it organises itself as we experience, learn and adapt to the life around us.

Every time we repeat a thought or emotion we reinforce a neural pathway. Its a bit like a wrinkle or the lines in your hand the older we get the deeper they get.

The good news is with each new thought we begin to create a new way of thinking, a new way of being. Small changes in our thoughts repeated enough times, physically changes how our brain works!

Think an positive empowering thought, leads to good feelings which leads to a positive action!

Easy Right??? This doesn't happen over night and it takes conscious practice. Like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes. If you'd like a simple 3 step process that will improve how you feel and ultimately the action you take then click the links below and work through the 'Habit Changer' In this workbook you will learn;

  • How to identify your bad 'thought' habits.

  • How to switch them up so you are armed with the new thoughts to build your new Neural Pathways.

  • A daily tracker to keep you on track and accountable!

Step 1 & 2

(FYI you can type on this pdf so once its downloaded, not need to print)

Step 3

Step 3

(Print this off, have it on your wall or in your diary to keep you accountable to your new habit)

I really believe that personal development, is not striving for perfection. It's about making sure you do the best you can with the 24 hours you have ahead of you....and focusing on what you can do instead of what you cant.


Love and Gratitude

Charlotte xx



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