You've got to FEEL it!

Do you have a huge vision for your life? If so then awesome! I'm sure you have heard it over and over how important vision is and I agree. What I learnt the hard way I might add is that if you don't recognise where you are today, celebrate and internalise all the little victories then that goal can feel like an ever moving goal post.

"I'll be happy when....." became a saying I used far to often. Constantly living in comparison to those people I viewed as more successful than me. Staring so hard at the future that I could get to the end of my day and barely remember what had happened let alone what I had actually achieved. My first exposure to 'mindfulness' came in the form of a little book I bought at Kings Cross station and I understood it to mean being present in the moment. This is something I have got much better at but now I understand it as so much more than that.

Can you tell me 3 things you achieved today? No matter how small? This is not just about giving yourself a pat on the back this is about recognising when you have made progress and internalising that feeling. Doing this is a massive step towards being happy anyway regardless of how near or far away you are from your ultimate goal!

One of our basic human needs is the need for progress. If we aren't noticing when we are progressing because we are too focused on what we haven't done, what we didn't achieve, what 'they' are doing, then what happens is we blindly reach our goal and there is no satisfaction in it! Fulfilment comes from growth and connection and progress. None of this is possible if you don't notice.

So my challenge to you is at the end of every day ask yourself the following questions:

1) What did I do well today?

2) What one thing am I most proud of today?

3) Where do I feel I made the most progress today?

You can answer these questions in your head or even better, write them down. Then you have a written record of how far you have come. As the saying goes 'Its not the destination its the journey' don't miss the journey, don't miss the amazing feeling of 'I did a great job today'

Once you have reached your goal then you can look yourself in the mirror and say 'I did that' and when people ask you how you did it, you can tell them, instead of the alternative 'You know what I don't actually know' that answer doesn't help anyone. Wouldn't it be amazing to say "Do you know what I took one day at a time, I leant, I listened and I grew and I noticed every day I got better and better at what I was doing"

Love & Gratitude

Charlotte xx

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