Everything you want is on the other side of your FEAR!

I love Kate Winslet, I think she is an incredible actress and every time I see her interviewed or hear her speak she always makes sense. I love this image as it represents how I felt yesterday. After listening to Les Brown in the morning saying "Do what makes you happy" I stood in front of the mirror (not looking as hot as Kate Winslet as I had just done my yoga) I looked in the mirror and said (out loud) "Just fucking do it!" Sorry for the bad language but it was necessary in the moment.

I was referring to the fact that it's now June and the one thing that I most wanted to do, the thing that I knew would bring me the most joy was the one thing I was procrastinating on!

My ultimate dream to effect as many people as possible with words. To change how people think about themselves and the world around them. Because when people think differently they act differently and positive action can change the course of someones life in amazing ways. Yet here I was a total hypocrite. I had not been showing up. I had spent the first 6 months of this year talking myself out of doing what I really wanted to do because of FEAR! I wanted to start to share what I have learnt on my personal FB page. Seems so simple, I love to talk, Im not scared of speaking so what was I scared of?

Being judged. Simple as that. "Who does she think she is" is an old voice that isn't as loud as it used to be but the whisper was loud enough to keep me small. Well yesterday as I looked in the mirror I told it to shut the f**k up!!

Im just going to do what makes me happy, because when I'm happy, I'm a better Mum, Daughter, Wife and friend and my family and friends are very important to me so its my duty to be the best I can be and I know committing to this was the door to that.

So I went for it, it wasn't perfect but I LOVED it!! It was just the beginning but doing it changed me overnight! I know its already one of the most fulfilling things Ive ever done and I'm only just getting started. I feel so silly for not just taking the leap before now! But I had to go through it. Just another lesson. For the first time I felt free of the fear that has held me back. It felt amazing!

So if there is something you want to do, just LEAP!

Take that next step up!!

The view is amazing!

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Love & Gratitude

Charlotte xx



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