Re-define Success. Get Happy!

What is success? The answer to that question has changed many times for me. In the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I thought it was money and happiness, knowing theoretically that money doesn't make you happy BUT secretly thinking "I know it will make me really happy"

Then the money came and yes it was lovely but I didn't feel satisfied. The phrase "I'll be happy when......" kept falling from my lips as whatever my monthly income was it never felt enough. Looking back now that was INSANE!

You are taught to surround yourself with people that who inspire you and that have what you want, the theory being that it elevates your mindset to think like them and therefore you are more likely to be successful. It is a fact that you will only ever earn the average amount of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

But what if you have chosen the wrong people? What if you assume these people are better than you but there not.

The mistake that is easy to make is that you may choose people that earn more money but they may not align with your values or your view of the world. This does not make them bad people they are probably lovely people but the danger is you loose perspective on what actually makes you happy and you end up chasing the wrong thing.

After a tough 18 months in my business I found myself feeling lost. Feeling that there is something else I need to do and I found it. Coaching people is my favourite thing to do in my network marketing business and coaching women outside of that profession brings me the most amount of fulfilment which is priceless. Part of that job is to grow myself. Something I committed to doing every day.

I am doing what I want to do and I am happy doing it. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I love it. Success to me is getting up every day and wanting to do the work I do. Spending time with my family and working towards my goals. Thats it! So by re-defining what success is to me I am already very successful. Does this mean that I have stopped wanting the financial success HELL NO!

What is means is that I am successful regardless of the amount in my bank account, and because of that the pressure is lifted allowing me to learn and grow and support with a full and happy heart. The irony being that the happier you are the more financially successful you become.

How do you define success?

With Love x



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