Just make a f**king decision!!!

Do you follow your heart or your head? Im a heart girl, I wear it on my sleeve, I am all about love and doing what you're passionate about.

So why have a found making the decision to let go of some of my usual business goals to focus the lions share of my time on my coaching? Its been 6 months now and I have been like one of the weebles (if your old enough to remember them then you are me tribe) swaying from one business to the other and not feeling like I am progressing in either.

Limbo is a shit place to be.

My head was telling me to focus on my main business and do the coaching as my 'hobby' but day after day I find myself pulled in the direction of my passion. So enough was enough I called upon a friend and mentor of mine who I really admire, this lady is older than me and one of the kindest women I know. She is also a coach and also runs the same network marketing business as I do. I talked, she listened, and she listened some more and then she asked

"Whats your intuition telling you to do?"

"What do you gain by making that choice?"

"What do you loose?"

All powerful questions...I answered and the fog started to clear. I had been ignoring that amazing thing us women have in abundance...intuition! Why? I came off the call and got into the car. As my phone connected to the car the audio started to play it was "The 4 agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz - Great book I highly recommend it.

The one that hit me in the face was "Don't take anything personally, good or bad" the thought being that if someone else is mean to you they are just projecting there own fears and insecurities onto you and that its nothing to do with you.....I knew this. But the Good??? He said, if someone tells you your wonderful, its nice but you should NEED to hear it because you already know.

BOOM the reason I found the decision was so hard was because I would be letting go of the need to be praised and validated by the the people in my business. EGO thats all it was. Once I knew this then the decision was made.

My friend also said that we are women we can do both. I would never leave my business. I do love it and I have worked too hard to just throw that away. Im not an idiot, but making the choice to take a sabbatical form the NEED to be validated was so freeing. So my decision is supporting the incredible team I have, sharing the products (because I love them) but letting go of the rest of it to take some time to pursue this dream of mine. And how lucky am I that the hard work I have put in over the last 7 years allows me to do that.

Do you follow your heart or your head? I say heart every time but keep your head in check!

With Love xx



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