The sex haze of life!

Imagine feeling blissfully happy every day. I mean the butterflies in your tummy, honeymoon period (sex haze), can't stop smiling, irritatingly happy and don't care kind of happy.

In a world where social media has made NOT comparing ourselves to others virtually impossible. How do we shut out the noise and get back to what makes us happy? At this point in my life I am closer to this than I have ever been but I have also spent a lot of time not having a clue who I am and just trying to fit into other peoples perception of me. Que awesome quote by Thomas Cooley "Im not who I think I am, I'm not who you think I am. I am what I think, you think I am"

Before we move on I want to point out 3 things that most people do that pulls them away from who they really are and sucked into the ego driven world that leaves them having no idea who they are and wondering "How did I get here?"

1) We make a decision about what we want to do (usually when we are younger) and go with it...this is normal for everyone but what doesn't happen enough is we don't ask the question "Does this still make me happy?" Usually because we are scared the response will be "No" or worse than that "Has it ever?" this leads to the disease of "Im fine"

2) They look outside of themselves to set there level of what success looks like. 'Her life looks good, what has she done? I'll do that!' NOTE, I don't mean its a bad thing to admire others achievements far from it. What I mean is we want the result, but are we prepared and more importantly do we WANT to do the activity required to achieve it? Will that process make us happy? If not then we have to find another way or change the thing we do to get there.

3) They use the label of procrastination to hide the fact that what they are doing just doesn't light them up. "I'm just a procrastinator" are you? Really? Or are you just bored?

Now there are elements to every path that are boring and I am not suggesting for one minute that if you find elements of your job, relationship or life boring that you should run away, get a tattoo and sit on a hill while contemplating life (although that would be nice)

What I am talking about is getting back to you, so you generate an inner happiness that may lead you to love the job that at the moment you hate. Its easy to blame outside sources for our unhappiness. But its really an inside job...As Buddah said...

"You are not separate from perfection. If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it? All journeys outward always lead to a journey inward. Where everything you seek already exists and waits your joyous acceptance"

He really knows his shit!

So what can we do to navigate back to who we truly are?

1) Ask the tough questions - Denial ain't a river in Egypt! Take some time out for you. Go for a walk, go lay down and ask yourself questions like "Am I happy" "Would I do this for free?" and listen to your GUT! Animals use there intuition for everything yet we humans would rather listen to Brenda from the butchers about what to do than trust our own judgment.

Write your answers down and then ask what can I do to improve this? Do you need to ask for help? Communicate better? Retrain? Gain some new skills? Get a therapist, go on a yoga retreat...whatever.

If the answer is 'Nothing' then its time to face the music, dust yourself off and take steps to start again. As scary as this may sound its actually a very liberating experience. If I am freaking you out, ask yourself this question.

"When I get to the end of my life will I be happy that I didn't grow a set of balls and go for it?"

2) Start to think and live from a position of possibility. "What did work out?" Thoughts + Feelings = Action this works for both positive and negative. Most go with the negative and let fear drive the bus. Don't do that. Ask..

"If I had no FEAR what decision would I make?"

3) Take your time. This doesn't have to happen over night. Take the pressure off yourself by letting go of the need for acceptance by everyone, the need to have it all 'figured out' I hope I never have it all figured out. How boring!! Look for a new hobby, a new passion. You may want to learn to dance take a pottery class whatever. Sometimes just injecting some passion and growth into your personal life can make you happier at work and visa versa.

4) Start practicing an awesome morning routine that includes, exercise, affirmations, meditation and intention setting!

As my main man Brendon Burchard says "The power plant doesn't have energy. It generates it"

We are the same.

This is all about perspective. If you view this self exploration as a fun new chapter that could and probably will end with you being gloriously happy with a few bumps along the way. That attitude in itself can give you your sparkle back. You have everything you need right now to make you happy. Stop trying to please everyone else, reconnect with what it is that lights you up and go after it without apology.

With Love

Charlotte xx

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