Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Do you ever feel like you are in a personal development rabbit hole? I know I did.

Consciously I had done so much work. I was reading, doing affirmations, watching endless YouTube videos. Trying to tap into the powers of the law of attraction, so why wasn't I where I wanted to be? You get that, right?

Well all that started to change once I had done my ultimate coach qualification. It was a very practical course, we practiced each NLP & Timeline therapy process on each other, all working on your unconscious mind and all of us came out the other side transformed.

All the bullshit limitation from my past. My belief systems changed and the person I had decided I was, was now someone different. The new me was ambitious and capable and ENOUGH! I came out of that experience and my normal practices started having a much greater effect. I suddenly felt less need for passionately saying my affirmations out loud. Even I still do this I'm no longer trying to convince myself...I am just affirming what I already know. It's a very different experience.

Then I was introduced to a law of attraction coach by a mutual friend. We made friends and she told me to read 'Ask and it id Given' by Abraham Hicks. This is the book that 'The Secret' was based on. It made so much sense to me it blew my mind. I'd read the secret 12 years before and while I understood the theory to me thats all is was .....just a theory. I read 'Ask and it is given' in a week and to me the words I read were TRUTH plain and simple. I started to use the tools myself and then felt compelled to start using them with my clients with great results.

What I realised is that there is a system to change.

STAGE 1) TRULY sort your shit out, once and for all.

STAGE 2) Fall MADLY in love with the new you.

STAGE 3) Attract and manifest the life, relationship or business you DEEPLY desire and damn well deserve!

This came to me because I asked for it. Ask and it is given - this only works if you believe you deserve it. You only believe you deserve this wonderful life you seek if you have let go of your past hurts, preserving the lessons but no longer letting them hold you back.

The number one limiting belief most adults have is "Im not enough" Your unconscious mind is always listening and from before you have even left the womb it is soaking up everything it hears. I always describe it as the 7 year old version of you. She takes everything seriously, she can't take a joke, doesn't understand irony and believe's everything that is said to her. Now consciously as a grown up we know we 'can' but we spend far to much time confused as to why we don't "just bloody do it" that's because most of the time our unconscious is driving the bus and by the bus I mean our behaviour. So a well meaning, playful "Don't be so stupid" from a teacher, parent, friend sinks in and just sits there until you go to try something new and this fear kicks in "What if I look stupid...' and you pause, you hesitate, you delay and then it happens again. You can't quite put your finger on it but its there.

None of us are immune to this and as a mother myslef its distressing to know that it's virtually impossible not to fu*k your kids up on some level and if you don't someone else probably will. So every adult walks around with all this bullshit hanging around, some more than others. The great news is we can do something about it.

Are there exceptions to the rule? You could argue that there are people who have achieved amazing things and have never dealt with the past and you would be right. But did they enjoy the journey? Are they happy now they have achieved or will it never be enough? In my own experience I achieved massive success before I became a coach my first business at one point was turning over in access of 1.5 million and I was earning more money than I had ever seen before but the sentence 'I'll be happy when....' often fell from my lips.

I now know i'd achieved everything I had achieved to please others, to feel validated by others. Constantly looking for external factors to make me happy. Now the only person I need to be proud of me, is me. It changes everything.

I was preparing for a talk I was doing at a masterclass in Birmingham. I sat in my kitchen and asked "What do I want to teach these amazing women" I started to write...40 mins later I had it all. My speech was written, the content for my course was outlined and the content and structure for my 12 week 121 transformation process was done!

The women I work with are passionate, fun, ambitions, they are capable but they just have 'something holding them back' I see it as my mission to sort that 'something' out. Teach them how to connect to their inner goddess and worship planet them. Then attract everything they desire with a deep knowledge they deserve every single bit of it!


I will be running the 12 week 121 programme for 10 selected people at a reduced rate.

So if you are ready for change. Ready to once and for all be able to just get on with creating whatever it is you want to create then I will be making the selections this month ready to start in November. Apply below by booking a call with me to see if this is the right fit for both of us.

Start the new year the you, you were born to be!

Love & Gratitude



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