Step unapologetically into those heels!

The message today my darlings is 'OWN YOUR SHIT' Whenever I feel stuck I always imagine myself sat in a big comfy chair! Old and fabulous, I have had a happy and abundant life and I am looking at me in the situation I find myself in now. Then I offer the younger me some advice.

I have had to do this quite a lot recently and the overwhelming advice is 'Be yourself and own it!' I have heard this advice from my older, wiser self so many times and I have, little by little started to follow it but in the last few weeks I seem to have moved into that space like never before.

Do you know why? Because I have reached a point where Im like "This is who I am and is this what I do, if you love me of hate me. I love you anyway"

I tell you what its fu*king liberating!

I love coaching and teaching what I know, I know what I have to share and teach can help. I have a desire to effect a lot of people. I will write a book and it will be a success. I will build a business I am super proud of and that people will love. I will be 100% me while I do those things.

I think that what holds most of us back is 'what will people think' what has really helped me get some perspective on this is this;

If a 1,000 people witness an event, every single one of them will have there own perspective of it and will each tell a different story about it. This is because they view it through the eyes of their own life experience, beliefs and point of view.

What we choose to do and who we decide to be is the same. Someone will always have an opinion and in their mind they are right and that's cool! We just have to decide how WE perceive it and the best way I have come up with is.

"This is who I am, this is what I do. If you love me of hate me. I choose to love you anyway!"

Try it on xxx

With love and gratitude

Charlotte xx



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