The 5 steps to manifesting.

So I was given the book 'The secret' 12 years ago. I read it. Wrote myself a check for £1,000,000 and then waited....hahah! I then bought the audio and listened and listened...then I bought 'The Power' ok now I'm starting to understand it on a deeper level....where the fcuk in my million hahahah!!

You know the saying 'when the student is ready the teacher will appear' well that happened to me this year. I was introduced to Abraham Hicks - Ask and it is given and it changed my life. FINALLY I understood! Great! What wasn't great about that is that I realised I had been stuck in stage 1 for the last 10 years! Bummer! But do you know what its ok because I see it as beautiful divine timing. So I wanted to give you the 5 steps to manifesting so you make sure you are not also stuck in Step 1.

STEP ONE - Ask for what you want. There are 2 ways we can decide what that is 1) We look at all the options on the table and we decide which we prefer 2) Through challenge or contrast we identify what we don't want thus exposing what we do want.

ex: You are broke therefore you identify you want more money.

STEP 2 - Your inner being (source) becomes vibrationally aware of the request and sets the wheels in motion. This step is achieved weather you are aware of it or not. TOP TIP - to super charge this get excited about your request and BELIEVE that its done.

REMEMBER ENERGY ATTRACTS LIKE ENERGY - ITS SCIENCE. To simplify if you want to listen to a specific radio station you will tune into its frequency. This is the same.

STEP 3 - STOP ASKING AND TRUST! The way you feel is the ONLY indication of weather of not you are on the right path. Do you feel tension or relief? TOP TIP - If you find yourself slipping into tension and doubt think 'OK thats how I don't want to feel, how do I want to feel? This is called pivoting and is super effective! Actively choose to feel excited about what is coming to you daily - even if its just 15 mins a day of visualising.

STEP 4 - CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL - Follow your inspired ACTION (yes you heard it you do have to actually do something the cheque isn't going to fall out of the sky and land in your lap) and those little internal nudges. You know the ones that you get when your not sure where they come from but you just get an urge to do something...

If you think this is all rubbish ask yourself this question

"Where do they come from?" the answer "SOURCE - the inner you thats older and wiser"



STEP 5 - ALLOW - Detach from the outcome and also the route to it. It may not happen how you expect it too so don't slip into doubt when the bonus you were meant to get from work doesn't happen. Just trust. Its coming.

A final note is this - Once your desire is manifested a new one will be born and the whole thing starts again. We as human beings are designed to evolve we are hardwired to expand.

Think about it, everything that we see and touch and use came from an idea. The Wright brothers had the idea to put something in the air that would fly a human being from one place to another...they manifested it. It started with a thought that turned into a thing...they visualised it and the people, circumstances and events lined up and it turned into a reality. We are manifesting all the time we just need to realise that we have a choice to do it consciously.



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