5 Signs your 'story' is holding you back!

We all have them. Its how we make sense of things that happen to us. Its how we communicate with each other. Human beings are story tellers. A story can make us sad, happy, inspired, angry, it can change our point of view in an instant. It can change our opinion of another person in a few minutes.

We FEEL a story. So what about the one you tell yourself? We pull it out like a warm comfort blanket every time we are in a conversation about where we aren't where we want to be. Why we haven't achieved what we wanted to. It justifies, soothes, calms, excuses.

What if its just a smokescreen for our fear?

Here are 5 signs your 'story' may be holding you back.

1) You find yourself saying "When I was younger I (fill in the blank), so now I just can't (fill in the blank)

2) You have something that happened to you in your past that you think about almost every day and no one else knows about it. You use this event as your internal story as to why you can't......

3) You have a 'story' that you bring out every time you get into a conversation about your business, life or relationship that justifies why you are where you are at or why you tolerate certain elements of it..

4) You feel frustrated in your Life, relationship or business and you can't quite work out why.

5) You play the blame game. Its this persons fault....that situation means I can't...

What if its BULLSHIT?

Reflect on your story. Write it down. Challenge it. Change your perspective. Turn your pain into your power.

Achieve in spite of your story instead of not achieving because of it.

Love and Gratitude

Charlotte xx

P.S Note about point 2. Tell someone. Choose wisely who yu share it with but share it. It doesn't matter how bad it is...someone will understand and listen with out judgment.

That was then and this is now.



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