5 things most of us do that f**k us up!

People today are starting to recognise the value of self-talk and other types of personal development tools. There was a time when people who talked to themselves were considered mentally ill. This is not true today. We are recognising that self-talk is a healthy tool that we all can use to find answers to our questions and resolve many of our problems.

Even though we still live in a world where there is so much emphasis on appearance. Most of us realise that beauty is skin deep, while inner beauty runs through to our core and as our mental health has become a much more frequent conversation more and more people are open to all forms of self-help.

In the next 4 years, the personal development industry is predicted to be worth 13 billion dollars with no signs of stopping. There are now so many ways to 'find ourselves' and while people will always spend money on improving their looks, encouragingly there is an ever-increasing number of people spending more time and money to find ways of healing their inner-self.

There are endless benefits to inner mastery.

1) We all have several hidden personalities that we do not recognise. These personalities often come out, usually when feelings are expressed. To understand our feelings, we have to first identify them, play detective on what has triggered the feeling and ask what it relates to. Most of us can manage our job and tasks on our daily schedule, but when it comes to managing our feelings and emotions, often it becomes a struggle. Using personal development tools like good self-talk can help change this behavior.

2) As humans, we often struggle to let go of bad behaviors or habits. One of the common but not so obvious bad habits is what I call "I'll be happy-when-itus". You probably noticed that on occasions when you see a person make a small lump sum of cash or maybe you have found this in your own life, you often want more. Instead of accepting and being grateful for the gift, we have an "imagine if I'd got double" moment. I have experienced this, in my first business I lived in a constant state of "I'll be happy when" I got the next promotion, I was earning 'x' amount of money, I'd got my next recognition. It's exhausting! Learning HOW to be mindful and practice gratitude in the moment has incredible effects on our mental wellbeing.

3) Some people believe that they can attain happiness and love by making more money. The opposite of this and just as damaging is people think money is bad and evil so they won't pursue success because they fear they will be judged. Both attitudes fail to realise that finding love, joy, and peace is the true road to happiness. Success or failure is not what makes a person. What makes a person is fighting through the hidden messages in the subliminal mind to discover what holds us back, who we are and what makes us happy. Making a lot of money is great but money is just a thing, you have to make sure you are happy first then the money is just a wonderful bonus. Learning HOW to not look externally for happiness and do what makes us happy with no judgment on the outcome is a skill and something we can all learn.

4) We all battle emotional responses, such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and these emotions ignite from past failures and experiences. We all feel down at times. There is no way that we can escape these feelings when they arise, but there is a way we can all take control of what we express and feel. Emotional intelligence is key to a happy life and happy relationships.

5) Another problem we face is dependency. Many people in the world today depend on others to pick them up when they are down. This leads to major problems, simply because not one person has the power to heal you, but you.

To work through all of these problems, we must depend on self, and develop a winning attitude to build confidence. By changing our approach, we can see that the world is our own based on how we accept it. If somebody is unhappy, then the world will seem like a miserable place to live and they will spread that feeling to those around them through there words, attitudes and actions. One of the most common attitudes is, "Life's a Bitch, and then you die" This kind of narrative is causing people to miss the benefits of living.

It's a fact, some of us are fortunate while others are less unfortunate. We must realise that everything we endure takes place to help us learn and grow. I have witnessed people who have been through horrific trauma, turn their life around and move into a place of joy and positivity, yes it was hard but they made a choice to think, feel and be different. There is a choice to be made. Like in the film Shawshank Redemption you have to "Get busy living, or get busy dying"

All these issues we face today can be better dealt with by going inwards. Understanding ourselves so we learn and we can all learn from each other. Despite what type of life you have lived you can develop a positive attitude and win the game of life. By holding onto negative thoughts, you only defeat the purpose of living. Life is too short, so developing a winning attitude and healing your past is the pathway to a better life.

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