"When you no longer see your life through the eyes of your own limitation or through the eyes of others expectation. You have the opportunity to tell a different story altogether"



This is a program dedicated to transformation. I want to show you how to walk through your past so you meet yourself renewed. I want to show you how to look through a different lens.

One that serves, your greatness. 

Once you are there, together we will plan and implement your empowering future. This program will show you how to stay grounded in the knowledge that no matter what you have the power to be, do or have anything you desire.




"I would go as far as say, this has been one of the best courses I’ve ever done.

Charlotte is an absolute delight to listen to and she has made a massive impact on me.

I’ve loved the no-pressure approach and at no point have I felt I need to get the work done to keep up with others, I’ve actually felt it’s been a relaxed yet mind-blowing experience which I’ve been able to work through at my own pace, in fact, I’m still working through it.

Thank you Charlotte you’re a total inspiration and a beautiful human being"

Client Love

Emma Stockdale - Entrepreneur 


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